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Edited by John J. McLaughlin, FlashBack, Inc.

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  • CCPU Telco Starter Kit (UltraSPARC-based CompactPCI designed for Telco)
  • JetStor RAID Array (upt 126 Gb with desktop enclosure)
  • Raptor GFX-8P Dual Channel (multi-headed PCI graphics card)
  • Xcite-1000 (logic verification system)
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  • BulletProof Enterprise Server 3.0 (control how, when and why server-side applications are executed)
  • Chili!Beans (a COM to Java bridge)
  • ILux Enterprise 5.0 (Java-based Web site monitoring and Web marketing tool)
  • JWatch 1.2 (debugger for enterprise Java software development)
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  • 2Share 2.0 (application for knowledge sharing)
  • Affirma Verifault XL (IDDQ Testing Capabilities and statistical fault analysis)
  • Alta (tools for multimedia and personal communications systems)
  • Applixware 4.4.1 (front office business solutions)
  • Balanced Scorecard analytic application integrated with Hyperion Essbase OLAP (Analyze Business Performance)
  • Brio Enterprise 5.5.4 (Web application server that enables querying over the Web)
  • Chili!ASP (cross-platform ASP support)
  • Citrix ICA Clients for Unix (Access Windows Applications from Unix)
  • ClusterCATS (web site resource manager)
  • ColdFusion 4.0 (Web application server)
  • CONNECT:MQ (advanced file transfer software)
  • Corporate Services Automation (automate information and services employees need to do their jobs)
  • CRYPTOAdmin 3.1 and easyRADIUS (manage products that support CRYPTOCard tokens)
  • Dataware II Knowledge Query Server (Internet/intranet information retrieval software)
  • Dynamo Personalization Server (rules-based content targeting and customer management syste)
  • e-Vantage (server-based, host access management solution)
  • EnlightenDSM 2.6 (Open Systems Management solution)
  • Enterprise Minder (Change Detection software)
  • EverLink (Virtual Private Network (VPN))
  • FAME Relational Gateway version 2.0 (SQL access to FAME data)
  • Forte WebEnterprise (generate, deploy and manage transactional Web-based applications)
  • HostCHECK for Unix version 2.0 (Host-based security assessment)
  • Ilumina (share, protect, discover and manage distributed corporate knowledge)
  • Infranet IPT (end-to-end customer management and billing for IP telephony)
  • InTempo 3.01 (enterprise workflow)
  • IntraStore 2000 (web, directory, messaging and security services)
  • KEA!X 4.0 (PC X Server integrates X into Windows desktops)
  • Legato NetWorker Hierarchical Storage Manager (HSM) Client (HSM s/w for clients)
  • Logic AggreGATE (block-based prototyping methodology)
  • MailShield (Antispam/Antirelay Mail Software)
  • Meta IP 4.5 (IP address management software)
  • NetLOCK version 2.0 (extended virtual private network)
  • NetShield for Unix v3.1.8 (Virus protection solution)
  • OmniVox 6.2 For Unix (computer telephony interface)
  • One-To-One Enterprise Version 4 (build Internet business applications for relationship management)
  • Oracle Personality Version 4.00 (Backup & Recovery for Oracle8 Databases and Data Warehouses)
  • OrbixTalk 2.0 (Enterprise Middleware Messaging)
  • PageFormatter 2.0 (Add Printing, Reporting and Web-Publishing to Apps)
  • Performance Learning System version 1.21 (Web-based training software)
  • Portalware (content management)
  • Quartus (programmable logic development system)
  • Quick View Plus 5.0 Enterprise Edition (Information-Exchange Software for the Enterprise)
  • Report Wizard for Accrue Insight (reporting interface for Insight)
  • Rialto Global User Administration 2000 (GUA2000) (web interface to manage many thousands of users)
  • SilverStream Enterprise Application Server 2.0 (Web application server product)
  • SoftCart 4.0 (virtual store software)
  • Summertime 98 for the Solaris Environment (Freeware for Solaris)
  • Tango Enterprise Version 3.5 (Web development software)
  • TclPro 1.0 (development tool suite)
  • TimesTen 3.0 for Sun Solaris 7 (Main Memory Data Manager solution)
  • Urchin ISP 1.3 (web statics (log analysis) tool)
  • Validator/Req 1.2 with DOORS 4.0 (generate test-case scenarios directly from requirements)
  • Vista Plus 4.0 (Report-Based Information Management solution)
  • Xerox DocuShare 1.5 SE (Document-sharing system)
  • xsBasic Add-In to the XESS Spreadsheet (extend functionality with basic-like language)

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