Quick View Plus 5.0 Enterprise Edition from Inso Corporation (Information-Exchange Software for the Enterprise)
Platforms: UNIX version runs on Solaris 2.4 or higher; HP-UX 9.0 or higher; available for IBM AIX 4.1 and 4.2 as Netscape helper application.
Price: contact vendor for pricing
URL: http://www.inso.com
New version of the Quick View Plus (QVP) software program for enabling information exchange across the enterprise. Available in corporate site licenses, QVP 5.0 enhances corporate productivity by enabling users to view, copy, and print virtually any business document from more than 200 Windows, UNIX, Mac, and DOS file formats.

QVP 5.0 Enterprise Edition includes a new enterprise installation program that enables easy desktop deployment across an enterprise using a Systems Management Server (SMS)-enabled client and scripted network install programs. 5.0 also adds support for seamless integration with Microsoft's Windows 98 operating system, as well as support for file formats such as Microsoft PowerPoint 97 and Lotus WordPro 96 and 97. The new version also includes Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing portable document format (PDF) files, additional spreadsheet formatting features, enhanced toolbars in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, and the ability to re-size and access fonts from non- native applications.

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