Ilumina from Verano (share, protect, discover and manage distributed corporate knowledge)
Platforms: Windows NT, Solaris
Price: begins at $50,000 for up to 500 users and 5 servers
Eenterprise software that allows business professionals to protect, share, discover and manage unstructured corporate information -- regardless of where it's located or in which application it was created -- via any browser.

Iluminar is context management software that adds rich context -- such as expiration date, author, project name or industry segment -- to each document, so users can easily find relevant information without needing to know where the document is located or in which application it was created. The context, also known as metadata, contains access privileges and enables each document to be encrypted, creating a secure, searchable environment where only authorized users can find and open documents. Unlike database-centric solutions, Iluminar is architected to be highly distributed. This allows Iluminar to be quickly deployed when and where it is needed, to adapt easily to changing requirements and to provide access to all unstructured information in the enterprise.

At Iluminar's core is Verano's patent-pending OpenWrap(TM) technology, providing a platform-independent framework for knowledge sharing. OpenWrap adds context, or metadata, to each document, regardless of data type or application. It automatically captures information about the document such as author, creation date and full-text index. Authors may also define additional context information including access privileges or project name. By creating intelligent content packages, the OpenWrap technology effectively breaks down the barriers between people and information, without forcing organizations to change the way they work. Share. By dragging-and-dropping a document onto the Iluminar desktop icon, Iluminar immediately makes information available on a corporate intranet or network. Users are encouraged to share information because Iluminar is easy to use and allows them to maintain control of the information. They can create and manage documents, determine access, add other searchable context such as project name or expiration date, and control interactions.

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