2Share 2.0 from 2Bridge Software (application for knowledge sharing)
Platforms: Solaris, Windows NT
Price: starts at $45,000
URL: http://www.2bridge.com
Combines web publishing and content management with a unique two-way Enterprise Portal to enable knowledge sharing. 2Share 2.0 brings the simplicity and personalization popularized by personal portals like "My Yahoo" to the business enterprise. With the 2Share Enterprise Portal customers, partners and employees now have secure and personalized access to vital business information.

2Share 2.0 enables knowledge sharing amongst enterprise communities allowing them to create, manage, distribute and personalize any type of digital information dynamically and interactively on intranets and extranets. 2Share 2.0 enables lifecycle management of digital information enabling companies to automate and manage business critical information supply chains by gaining end- to-end control from creation to consumption.

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