JetStor RAID Array from Advanced Computer & Network (upt 126 Gb with desktop enclosure)
Platforms: UltraSCSI
Price: Example pricing: 32GB - $6,500.00; 63GB - $7,999.00; 126GB - $12,250.00.
Joining AC&NC's product line of storage-related products, JetStor RAID Array adds new high-performance RAID controller as well as functional improvements.

The JetStor RAID array is based on the new four channel UltraSCSI RAID controller. The JetStor RAID array provides excellent performance through the use of an UltraSCSI host and disk interfaces, and is operating system and platform independent. UltraSCSI provides a burst transfer rate of up to 40MB/sec for Ultra-Wide and 20MB/sec for Ultra-Narrow. The higher performance of UltraSCSI can be a benefit to overall I/O performance, particularly for large block transfers.

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