Corporate Services Automation from Oblix Inc. (automate information and services employees need to do their jobs)
Platforms: Windows NT, Solaris; Netscape Directory Server 3.0
Price: begins at $15 per user
The Oblix Corporate Service Center is a one-stop interface for managing all of the information and services associated with each employee. It creates a complete digital profile for each employee, so that managers, administrators and employees can easily view, add, and delete services and information directly through a web interface. Through its automated change notification and workflow, the application simplifies the complexity of corporate changes (such as the provision of resources for new employees) and removes duplication across multiple departments.

Utilizing sophisticated access control and business rules, the Corporate Service Center enables authorized individuals, groups, and departments to directly update or request changes to specific fields contained in a digital profile. Through its distributed data management, the Oblix Corporate Service Center improves corporate data accuracy and minimizes IS overhead while improving system security. The Corporate Service Center also automates the process of provisioning services for new employees-automatically issuing service requests for a PC, phone, e-mail and other things that an administrator can configure. All change and service requests are handled by a request engine that maintains up-to-date status on all changes (such as indicating whether services are ready for a new employee), further reducing the administrative burden.

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