Applixware 4.4.1 from Applix, Inc. (front office business solutions)
Platforms: Linux, all major Unix operating systems, Windows NT, and Windows 95
Price: contact vendor for price
Applix Office is a fully-integrated, cross-platform suite of desktop productivity tools. Includes: graphical tools for word processing and document publishing, spreadsheets, business graphics, graphics editing, data access and e-mail. With Applix Office, you can create compound, live-linked documents simply and efficiently.

Applix Office is available for Unix, LINUX, Microsoft Windows 95 and NT operating environments, offering adaptive applications and tools for the Real Time Enterprise, and as Applix Anyware Office, allowing customers to deliver interactive information access to virtually any user, no matter their location or desktop, on any web-top.

Providing users with the ability to customize or tailor their desktop environments, Applix Office enables users to meet specific business needs, resulting in improved communication, productivity and access to information. Additionally, Applix Office's open architecture enables users to integrate a broad range of third party applications including, but not limited to, databases, calendaring, project scheduling, fax and others. Underlying all the Applix Office components is an extensive interpretive programming language and powerful back-engine that provides Applix Office with its unique customization capabilities.

As a thin-client office productivity suite on the market today, Applix Anyware Office can be delivered via Internet or intranet to any desktop with a Java-enabled browser. Anyware can deliver this information in context, that is, in a form that is both intuitive and well suited for interacting with the data.

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