Alta from Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (tools for multimedia and personal communications systems)
Platforms: Solaris, HP-UX
Price: start at $30,000 (SPW) and $70,000 (Visual Architect)
A software portfolio and educational tools for designing multimedia and third-generation (3G) personal communications systems (PCS). Features the latest high-level modeling and simulation technologies for state-of-the-art image capture, image processing, and digital communications applications.

The Alta SPW, EnVision and Visual Architect product lines have been enhanced for improved productivity and a streamlined flow from system design through hardware implementation of products such as digital cameras, video cell phones, wireless PDAs, HDTV, DVD, and biometric applications such as fingerprinting. Advanced capabilities include: polymorphic modeling to dramatically simplify the migration of abstract algorithms to implementation models; interactive visualization tools for monitoring image quality; and comprehensive library support covering both digital video and wide-band CDMA (Code-Division Multiple Access) elements.

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