BulletProof Enterprise Server 3.0 from BulletProof Corporation (control how, when and why server-side applications are executed)
Platforms: Java
Price: contact vendor for price
URL: http://www.bulletproof.com
BulletProof Enterprise Server 3.0 includes the Server Manager. With the Server Manager businesses can control how, when and why server-side applications are executed by defining job scheduling, priority levels, queuing, and more. This new technology removes the difficulties that DBA's, systems administrators and other IT managers face in executing and logging critical, repetitive server- side business processes. A free trial download of the BulletProof Enterprise Server 3.0 is available on the web.

Using the Server Manager's graphical console DBA's, system administrators and anyone who needs to run back-end processes can set server jobs to execute with detailed scheduling, in queues and job streams and based on settings such as priority level. The BulletProof Enterprise Server will automatically execute the server job, log the results, execute others in queue and can notify the administrator via e-mail or pager of the jobs results. Example uses are end-of-day reporting, hourly sales calculations and notifications, on demand processes like inventory checks and shipping verification. The benefits to the administrator include saved time through automatic notification, ease of process control, ability to check logs for reference at any time and remote management through a browser.

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