EnlightenDSM 2.6 from Enlighten Software Solutions, Inc. (Open Systems Management solution)
Platforms: Solaris, IRIX, Windows NT, Digital Unix, HP-UX, SCO
Price: contact vendor for pricing
URL: http://www.EnlightenDSM.com
The EnlightenDSM product suite provides cost-effective systems administration solutions for mixed vendor environments including DEC, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, SCO, Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems and Windows NT. It provides comprehensive functionality with unprecedented ease of installation and use. EnlightenDSM conforms to industry standard frameworks and allows seamless integration with other vendors' point solutions.

This new release of EnlightenDSM adds more precise monitoring and control of processes, further advances in security, and improvements for ease of use and overall manageability of the EnlightenDSM product and its components as they are installed and run across networks.

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