Raptor GFX-8P Dual Channel from Tech-Source, Inc. (multi-headed PCI graphics card)
Platforms: Solaris PCI systems
Price: contact vendor for price
URL: http://www.techsource.com
The Tech-Source Raptor GFX-8P Dual Channel gives Sun workstation users all the functionality of two Raptor GFX-8P boards in one slot. In one plug-n-play PCI-slot, you can now run multiple monitors.

For professionals requiring fast X Window System performance in the standard Sun environment, the Raptor GFX-8P Dual Channel accelerates the display of 24-bit and 8-bit graphics at full speed using Solaris 2 loadable device drivers. With a full 8 MB of displayable memory per display, the Raptor GFX-8P Dual Channel has enough off screen memory to provide 24-bit hardware double buffering at most resolutions.


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