Legato NetWorker Hierarchical Storage Manager (HSM) Client from Legato Systems, Inc. (HSM s/w for clients)
Platforms: Solaris
Price: $18,000 per Legato NetWorker Server
URL: http://www.legato.com
Legato NetWorker HSM optimizes online disk requirements by allowing data to be migrated from the primary storage medium to other near-line storage based on a set of policies. This reduces the amount of disk storage, and the rate of disk storage growth required to support business-critical applications.

IT administrators can define storage policies, which control the placement of online data storage and automatically migrate infrequently used files to secondary storage. This decreases the amount of online primary data storage required, and leverages existing secondary data storage and limited administrative resources. The entire file migration and recall process is transparent to the end-user, and is fully integrated with Legato NetWorker backup and restore operations. The Legato NetWorker HSM Client supports the automatic recall of migrated files on file systems accessed by applications and users on Windows NT, Unix, and NetWare operating systems.

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