Summertime 98 for the Solaris Environment from Micromata GmbH (Freeware for Solaris)
Platforms: Solaris (SPARC and Intel)
Price: $99
Summertime '98 for Solaris 2.6 SPARC & x86 are compilations of the most popular and most useful applications available today on the Internet. Each application has been pre-compiled for the appropriate platform, and each is bundled using the Solaris "package" format. This allows individual packages to be easily added or removed from a user's computer using the built-in Solaris package management tools (pkgadd, swmtool).

Sunmmertime '98 is well integrated with the Solaris Common Desktop Environment (CDE). Packages that are installed are immediately integrated into the user's desktop for quick access.

Highlights on this release are well documented Solaris administration tools for use with Win95/NT clients including:

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