SoftCart 4.0 from Mercantec, Inc. (virtual store software)
Platforms: Solaris, Windows NT, Windows 95 and 98, IRIX,, Linux, HP/UX, FreeBSD and BSDI
Price: $100/month from Mercantec's partners
A complete solution for building and maintaining an online storefront, SoftCart 4.0 gives merchants the tools they need to create and manage a virtual shopping environment. This major upgrade to Mercantec's popular commerce server software includes a store construction wizard with a variety of templates, enhanced security and order processing features, and introduces Mercantec Store Manager, an integrated browser-based store creation and back office management environment within SoftCart 4.0.

SoftCart 4.0 has an open, API-based architecture that accommodates the widest range of databases, Web servers and browsers, order delivery options, tax and shipping models, and payment systems. This open architecture also allows commerce capabilities to be integrated into the merchant's Web site at any stage in the site's evolution -- whether starting from scratch or adding commerce to an existing Web site.

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