JWatch 1.2 from AverStar Inc. (debugger for enterprise Java software development)
Platforms: Windows 95/NT, Solaris
Price: contact vendor for price
URL: http://www.jwatch.com
A debugger for enterprise Java software development, will support the upcoming release of Sun Microsystems, Inc.'s Java Development Kit (JDK(TM) 1.2). In addition, JWatch 1.2 supports the Virtual Machine in Microsoft's SDK 3. As Java software development moves more to the server, remote debugging is essential for the developer, and AverStar answers that need with JWatch 1.2.

JWatch 1.2 will include new user interface components based on the Java Foundation Classes (JFCs) and enhanced debugging features including Search For Text, Go to Line Number, and Step Out. This version of JWatch also will include new Application Programming Interface (API)-level methods such as the ability to determine breakable lines and create watch points, plus an updated API test suite for use by customers who integrate JWatch into their own tools.

JWatch, currently available through partner products ProtoSpeed and Apptivity from Progress Software, and in future versions of JBuilder from Inprise, offers the features needed to debug distributed Java technology applications running on multiple Virtual Machines (VMs) on multiple platforms.

JWatch offers a rich set of features that focus on the needs of enterprise application developers whose applications need to run in multiple JVMs across multiple tiers. These features include:

- Concurrent, multi-process debugging - Debugging in multiple JVMs - Local & remote debugging - Source and sourceless debugging - Debugging in Internet Explorer - RMI debugging - Servlet debugging - Embedded Java support

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