MailShield from Lyris Technologies Inc. (Antispam/Antirelay Mail Software)
Platforms: Windows 95/98/NT, Solaris, AIX
Price: $995 for a one server license
MailShield is a general purpose Internet mail filtering tool. It can be used to block junk mail, prohibit mail relaying, diffuse mail bomb attacks, and other mail filtering tasks. It can run on the same computer as the mail server (or a separate machine), and protects Internet mail servers on any operating system platform in a dual-machine setup.

MailShield works by accepting mail on behalf of your regular mail server. The mail that is acceptable is automatically forwarded to your mail server for regular delivery. The mail which is unacceptable is refused by MailShield. You can also have MailShield redirect, tag or rewrite mail that is being delivered. MailShield also has a backup mechanism so that all rejected mail can be saved to a separate email account or to a separate mail server.

MailShield uses rule scripts to decide how to process email. These rule scripts perform the various filtering activities in MailShield. For example, you can give MailShield a list of "forbidden phrases" and MailShield will automatically reject any message which contains them.

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