Urchin ISP 1.3 from Quantified Web Systems, Inc. (web statics (log analysis) tool)
Platforms: Solaris, IRIX, BSD, Other Unix
Price: multi-site: $349; single: $99
URL: http://www.quantified.com/urchin
Generates reports detailing the usage of web sites to the site owners. Accurate and detailed statistics are an important tool for web site owners to judge the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, and to see how many people view what pages on a site. Urchin generates a number of reports on a nightly basis, which can then be viewed on a special reporting web page. Summary reports are also sent automatically by e-mail to the owner or webmaster of each site.

Urchin's Site Reports show highly detailed breakdowns of all aspects of site activity, including hits, bits transferred, page views, visitors, referrals, pages accessed, directories, browsers, platforms, and other parameters, as well as graphs detailing monthly, daily, and hourly activity.

The Webmaster Report compares all the sites on a particular webserver and ranks them according to bandwidth in megabytes, both numerically and graphically. Additionally, total server traffic, hits, monthly trend charts, and other information is provided to allow assessment of network load and to determine bandwidth-based billing. The Email Report sends a weekly summary with a brief synopsis of site activity, including hits, visitors, the top five referring URLs, and a link to where the complete report can be viewed online.

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