ILux Enterprise 5.0 from Portfolio Technologies Inc. (Java-based Web site monitoring and Web marketing tool)
Platforms: Solaris, Windows NT/98/95
Price: $995
ILux 5.0, a Java-based Web site monitoring and Web marketing tool, provides users with automated tools for tracking Web traffic and initiating personalized marketing offers for electronic commerce.

A second generation application for analysis and reporting on Web site usage, it has been enhanced to include Web-based direct marketing functions. With the new Automated Intelligent Marketing (AIM) feature, marketers have the ability to target automatically anyone who has visited the site. It is intelligent because marketing strategy is based on each prospect's visit history and, if the prospect provides additional belief and attitudinal information, such customer insight can be used to provide further segmentation strategy capabilities.

ILux Enterprise 5.0 also monitors FTP sites and provides the added capability of combining site statistical reports with visitor-volunteered information to compile concise reports with graphs and charts that indicate trends and patterns. And because no two Web sites are exactly the same, managers have the flexibility to customize reports with more than 70 analysis objects. Reports can be generated in English, German, French, Spanish and Japanese, making ILux the perfect solution for international corporations.

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