Performance Learning System version 1.21 from VuePoint Corporation (Web-based training software)
Platforms: Windows 95, Windows NT, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX
Price: Contact vendor for price
The Performance Learning System is an integrated Web-based performance support system that enables corporations to rapidly and cost-effectively create, deliver, manage and transfer mission-critical knowledge to employees where they need it most -- on the job. PLS automates instructional design, content delivery and administration through its three modules:

VuePoint's extensive "fast-track" development services rapidly migrates existing corporate training content into interactive online performance learning modules in as little as a 72-hour turn-around-time. These developer services are backed by a performance support guarantee. VuePoint works with its customers to develop specific objectives, benchmarks and measurable results. Content effectiveness created by VuePoint is then measured against these benchmarks. If results do not meet or exceed originally stated objectives, VuePoint will adjust, at no cost to the client, the content until expected results are achieved. Support is also provided on-site for IS personnel on the PLS Learner.

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