xsBasic Add-In to the XESS Spreadsheet from Applied Information Systems (extend functionality with basic-like language)
Platforms: Linix, SCO, Solaris, Windows NT, OpenVMS, Digital Unix, Windows NT, HP-UX, AIX, IRIX, GG/UX
Price: Contact vendor for price
URL: http://www.ais.com
XESS is a powerful enterprise spreadsheet, supporting workbooks with up to 10 million rows while maintaining a high level of compatibility with the Excel and Lotus spreadsheet products. The xsBasic Add-In works with other XESS options and add-ins including the xsTrade Real-Time Market Data Add-In and with custom extensions developed with the XESS API Toolkit.

The xsBasic Add-In supports internal macros and end-user extensions to the spreadsheet, ranging from simply automating repetitive tasks or adding a new computational function to developing an entire application with custom menus, dialogs, and file management.

The xsBasic language is based on widely-used object-oriented versions of the BASIC programming language. It supports cross-platform development of user functions, custom menus and dialogs, and user applications within the XESS Spreadsheet environment.

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