Brio Enterprise 5.5.4 from Brio Technology, Inc. (Web application server that enables querying over the Web)
Platforms: Windows NT, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX
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Integrated business intelligence solution that provides powerful query, analysis and reporting functionality across both client/server and Web environments. Brio Enterprise balances the complex demands of power users with the simple needs of novice report viewers. It enables IT organizations to maintain centralized control with auditing, security and zero-administration deployment while incorporating a system architecture that scales to increased workloads and to a growing number of users.

The new features in Brio Enterprise 5.5.4, as well as new service and support offerings, enhance the company's ability to provide world-class business intelligence solutions for global organizations. New product features include improved security, internationalization with Double Byte Character Set (DBCS) support and enhanced support for multidimensional data sources.

With Brio's new Open Authentication Model, customers can leverage previous investments in setting up secure application environments, as well as save maintenance and setup time and simplify access when deploying Brio Enterprise across an Intranet. Brio's new user-defined JavaBean Authentication feature enables integration of existing security systems with the Brio OnDemand Server, allowing organizations to maintain a single source of login authentication.

Brio's Web-enabled products now support the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to access documents for viewing and analysis. Brio has extended its client support for multidimensional data sources. With the addition of support for OLE DB for OLAP, Brio Enterprise now provides connectivity to all multidimensional data sources using the new API, including Applix TM1, SAS, NCR TeraCubes and Microsoft SQL Server 7. Brio's multi-tier architecture also allows any Web client -- regardless of operating system, browser, etc. -- to use data sources connected via OLE DB for OLAP. Brio also provides native support for Informix's MetaCube family of decision-support software.

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