Rialto Global User Administration 2000 (GUA2000) from Control Data Systems, Inc. (web interface to manage many thousands of users)
Platforms: Solaris and HP-UX
Price: about $50,000
URL: http://www.cdc.com
A high-quality, real-time solution that allows organizations to centralize and manage system access for hundreds of thousands of users from a single web interface.

The directory-enabled GUA2000 allows new users or users changing roles to become productive more quickly, and it enables organizations to quickly remove access to the network in the event that an employee leaves or changes responsibilities.

GUA2000 uses the Rialto Global Directory/Meta Edition, with its LDAP metaconnector technology to access user administration information for multiple environments dynamically, in real-time, while logically joining the information in the Global Directory. The metadirectory provides a field-proven, scalable directory backbone for all of the tools that are being managed by GUA2000. The combination of GUA2000 and Global Directory provides a `two-dimensional` scaling across multiple application types and, using the distributed directory, allows scaling literally around the world.

GUA2000 features a simple, easy-to-use, customizable user interface based on standard web-based Java technology. In addition to support for Windows NT, Lotus Notes and Control Data's IntraStore, GUA2000 extends its administration capabilities to Unix, NDS, Microsoft Exchange and the Entrust security management system.

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