Meta IP 4.5 from Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (IP address management software)
Platforms: Windows NT, HP/UX, Solaris, AIX, Windows NT, Netware
Price: starts at $9,995 per 1,000 nodes
Meta IP's advanced technology enhances Check Point's Enterprise Infrastructure Management product line by providing an open, manageable, and solid IP infrastructure foundation for future network growth. In addition, Check Point rolled out its strategic vision for IP address management -- providing Internet connectivity and efficient network resource usage necessary for today's rapidly growing networks.

The Meta IP address management software provides a suite of integrated, standards-based IP services (Dynamic DNS, DHCP, and RADIUS) and easy-to-use enterprise management, auditing, and reporting tools. Also included is an open, distributed LDAP directory services architecture compatible with Microsoft's Active Directory and other standard LDAP implementations.

Meta IP 4.0, released in July 1998, was built to design, manage and maintain the name and address space, and the associated network services of enterprise class networks. Meta IP 4.0 is based on open standards and supports the Directory Enabled Network (DEN) initiative, which is currently managed by the Desktop Management Task Force (DMTF) and is a key component of policy-based IP networks. The DEN-ready framework and Meta IP's highly innovative User-to-Address Mapping (UAM(TM)) Service, which maps authenticated network users to IP addresses, provides a solid foundation for corporations to build open, reliable, and efficient IP networks.

The Meta IP architecture facilitates rapid development of interfaces for new platforms and allows the Meta IP Manager Service to manage services across a variety of platforms in heterogeneous networks. Meta IP 4.1 will also provide enhanced reporting, and advanced searching capabilities that allow network administrators to easily locate objects across a global network. In addition, Meta IP 4.1 will feature an enhanced Java interface that greatly improves interface performance, as well as a version compiled specifically for the Windows platform.

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