FAME Relational Gateway version 2.0 from FAME Information Services, Inc. (SQL access to FAME data)
Platforms: Solaris
Price: contact vendor for price
URL: http://www.fame.com
FAME Relational Gateway (FRG) middleware allows access to FAME databases using the same industry Standard Query Language (SQL) as relational databases, such as Sybase, Informix, or Oracle. Developers can build a single application behind Sybase's Adaptive Server to have one interface for queries across several different types of data sources, making the access of both relational data and FAME data quick and seamless. In addition, by using SQL, FRG enables FAME users to distribute time series data to others throughout their organization.

FAME is a provider of financial data warehousing solutions, historical database management systems, and financial data manipulation tools to global financial organizations. The use of FAME products is significantly augmented by the introduction of FAME-distributed commercial historical economic and financial databases. FAME sources, cleans, redistributes and adds value to data from all of the major financial data vendors.

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