CCPU Telco Starter Kit from Continuous Computing Corporation, Inc. (UltraSPARC-based CompactPCI designed for Telco)
Platforms: SPARC
Price: $25,000
UltraSPARC-based CompactPCI designed specifically for the Central Office. The system contains features required by the CO environment such as redundant dual feed power supplies, remote power cycling and a robust operating system. This system is designed to deliver high- quality telco applications to market quickly and cost effectively.

The CCPU Telco Starter Kit for UltraSPARC CompactPCI is available in simplex and duplex high availability configurations. The systems, in addition to the SPARCengine CP 1500 processor, also include dual feed -48VDC power, a SCSI dual disk drive and CCPU's proprietary hardware and software network, monitoring and control technology for sophisticated system maintenance.

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