Dataware II Knowledge Query Server from Dataware Technologies, Inc. (Internet/intranet information retrieval software)
Platforms: Windows NT 4.0 or higher; Solaris 2.5 or higher
Price: contact vendor for pricing
Dataware II Knowledge Query Server allows users to simultaneously query multiple information repositories, including internal and external web-based resources such as one or more Lotus Domino databases, document management systems and intranets. It returns query results in a single, merged and formatted list that is easy for users to understand. Users need not perform numerous individual searches of knowledge sources inside and outside their organizations -- a single search turns up all available information.

Dataware II Knowledge Query Server takes advantage of the combined power of leading web search engines -- including AltaVista, Northern Light, HotBot, Excite, Fulcrum, Infoseek, Verity, Lycos, Magellan, WebCrawler, DejaNews and other HTTP-compatible search services -- to return a unified set of knowledge. Users can query multiple intranet-based corporate resources exclusive of the Internet or search internal and external web-based sources at the same time. It supports a wide variety of search types, including full text, proximity and Boolean, allowing users to find the information they need in the way that is easiest for them. Dataware II Knowledge Query Server integrates results returned from multiple sites to present an easy-to-read list in a format defined when the product is configured.

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