InTempo 3.01 from JetForm Corp. (enterprise workflow)
Platforms: Solaris, Java, Windows 95, Windows NT
Price: 100 participants for $22,000
InTempo is an enterprise workflow product that supports virtually any client platform: HTML- and Java-technology thin-clients -- such as Web/intranet browsers and network computers -- or traditional thick- client applications from JetForm or other software companies.

InTempo includes several applications that companies can rapidly deploy and customize to jumpstart their workflow projects. These include purchase request, expense claim, employee benefits enrollment, opinion poll, document review, travel request, leave request, timesheet, new-hire management and MIS services request. Each application includes a combination of forms, including HTML, Java, and/or JetForm Filler; a customizable process flow diagram that includes roles, rules deadlines and reminders, and role definitions.

With InTempo and its pre-built customizable applications, companies can easily deploy streamlined enterprise workflow solutions for human resources, capital expenditures, purchasing, expense management, document review or other processes that involve virtually all employees.

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