TimesTen 3.0 for Sun Solaris 7 from TimesTen Performance Software (Main Memory Data Manager solution)
Platforms: Solaris 7
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URL: http://www.timesten.com
TimesTen Performance Software announced its support for Sun Microsystem's new 64-bit operating environment, Solaris 7. TimesTen 3.0, the first 64-bit main-memory database, will be released on Sun Solaris 7 software by the end of the year. TimesTen's 1000% (ten times) performance advantage over fully-cached disk-based databases - combined with the power and memory capacity of Sun's 64-bit systems - enables a new generation of applications that cannot be supported with conventional technologies.

As companies strive to re-invent their businesses around the web, managing and distributing data in real time has become an imperative. Using the extended capacity and high-performance of Solaris 7 software and TimesTen, companies can pull processing and data management closer to their customers, suppliers and partners, and make Internet-era computing a true competitive advantage in their industries.

TimesTen 3.0 will enable customers for the first time to process large amounts of data with "real-time" performance as measured in thousands or tens of thousands of database operations per second at peak-load periods. With the vast addressing capacity of 64-bit systems, the size of an in-memory database will be limited only by the physical memory capacity of the system, which is easily in the tens of gigabytes on today's 64-bit systems. 32-bit systems can address, at most, four gigabytes of memory, limiting the range of applications that can be serviced by main-memory databases.

TimesTen 3.0 is currently in beta testing. Beta sites are running a variety of applications such as intelligent networking, Internet broadcasting, supply chain management, Internet billing, and other e-commerce applications. TimesTen is also simultaneously beta testing the 32-bit version of TimesTen 3.0.

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