Report Wizard for Accrue Insight from Accrue Software, Inc. (reporting interface for Insight)
Platforms: web browser
Price: $17,000
Report Wizard makes it easy for Insight users to design and run custom reports through a straight-forward, four-step process. Report parameters are selected with point-and-click simplicity, allowing even non-technical users to generate reports for analysis of their particular business area. Report Wizard also includes powerful features for advanced business analysts that can be accessed with the click of a button. The combination of both easy-to-use and powerful personalized report query capabilities provides tremendous reporting flexibility and is a great advance for organizations looking to evaluate and improve their online businesses through eBusiness analysis.

Report Wizard compliments Accrue Insight's standard interface for creating reports, and extends Insight's range of reporting options, which to date have included the standard interface, e-mailed reports and personalized MyAccrue Web pages. Queries created through Report Wizard can be saved for future use, and can be easily retrieved, modified and/or refined as needed.

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