Chili!ASP from Chili!Soft, Inc. (cross-platform ASP support)
Platforms: Windows NT, Solaris
Price: contact vendor for price
Chili!ASP is the only web application server to offer Active Server Pages (ASP) functionality to enterprise UNIX and Windows NT-based environments and enable development and deployment of cross-platform ASP applications.

Developers can use Microsoft Visual InterDev to create ASP applications and then deploy those applications on any web server and operating system supported by Chili!ASP. The Chili!Soft product also enables developers to create COM objects in Microsoft Visual C++(R) or Visual J++(TM) for advanced business logic. Chili!ASP also supports Microsoft's Visual Studio 6.0.

ASP is the fastest growing open Web application platform that enables organizations to combine server scripting with robust Custom server components to easily create dynamic content and powerful Web-based business applications across heterogeneous computing environments.

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