EverLink from Anyware Technology, Inc. (Virtual Private Network (VPN))
Platforms: Windows NT, Windows 95/98, Solaris, MacOS, OS/2
Price: $495 for 25 users and $2,495 for 200 users
URL: http://www.anywaretechnology.com
A software-based solution for secure communications and remote access, this Java-based application provides organizations with a peer-to-peer solution for private and secure electronic mail, file transfers and instant messaging over wide area networks (WANs) or the Internet.

EverLink integrates Java technology with advanced security technologies including passwords, secure transport with secure sockets layer (SSL), x.509 digital certificates, activity logs, RSA data encryption and security level up to 168 bit.

EverLink differs from traditional Virtual Private Networks by providing the ability to authorize individual-user access to designated areas of information behind the corporate firewall, rather than granting all admitted users universal access to the entire network.

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