Dynamo Personalization Server from Art Technology Grou (rules-based content targeting and customer management syste)
Platforms: Solaris, Windows NT, AIX
Price: from $10,000 to 60,000 based on configuration
URL: http://www.atg.com
A rules-based content targeting and customer management system for the enterprise e-commerce Web application specifically designed to ensure personalized and extended customer interactions throughout the relationship life-cycle.

Dynamo Personalization Server delivers a comprehensive overall solution to put business managers in full control of the entire customer experience. Targeted at companies looking to use the Web to build long-term relationships with their customers, the new Dynamo Personalization Server provides business managers with a comprehensive set of features to directly control the rules governing market segmentation, content targeting and implicit profiling.

The Dynamo Personalization Control Center (PCC) is the center of all business activities related to the company's Web site. It is an intuitive windows-based interface specifically designed to put control of business rules in the hands of the business manager. The PCC enables business managers to select, manage and deliver the right content to the right user or group of users on an ongoing and real-time basis without reprogramming or business disruption. With the PCC, business managers can tag specific content and capture implicit and explicit personalized customer information. The business manager can also review stored data about user behavior to continuously improve the usage patterns, feature and content selections and target criteria to more effectively build customer usage, loyalty and transactions within the site.

The Dynamo family of Relationship Commerce products offers a tightly integrated suite of Java-based products to meet the scaleable and performance requirements of large-scale e-commerce initiatives. The Dynamo product suite includes a high-reliability Web application server and tightly integrated e-commerce capabilities for site development, personalization, selling and advertising management. The Dynamo suite is designed specifically to tackle the management of online relationships by applying personalization to each and every user experience.

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