Xcite-1000 from Axis Systems, Inc. (logic verification system)
Platforms: Solaris
Price: with 1 million-gate capacity: $295,000
URL: http://www.axiscorp.com
Xcite-1000 is a complete logic verification system operating at 10,000 to 100,000 cycles per second with full simulation interaction. It targets software and hardware designers who need to fully verify their design before committing to silicon. The product fits directly into current verification and design flows without modification.

Whether the design is described at the Verilog hardware description language (HDL) behavioral level, register-transfer level (RTL) or gate level, the Xcite-1000 RCC (ReConfigurable Computing) compiler transparently maps the design onto RCC computing elements and provides a tight integration to the Xcite-1000 software simulator for interactive debugging. In this way, the Xcite-1000 simulator looks, acts, and feels like a software simulator while operating at hardware speed.

Xcite-1000 targets both design and verification teams. Because of its small form factor, ease of use and advanced debugging capabilities, Xcite-1000 is well suited for the engineering desktop environment. Users can simulate and debug the design all with a local workstation. As a result, all engineers have direct access to the RCC technology to boost design productivity.

The Xcite-1000 RCC hardware fits easily inside a Sun Ultra 30 or Ultra 60 workstation and connects directly to its PCI backplane. The Altera components and the number of PCI boards selected determine its capacity. For Xcite-1000, each board handles designs of up to 250,000 gates using Altera's 10K250 programmable logic device. In addition, each board contains 2M bits of static RAM upgradable to 8M bits to simulate memory models. A maximum of eight Xcite-1000 RCC boards fit in a Sun Ultra 30 or Ultra 60 workstation to achieve the total capacity to 2 million gates now and 4 million gates by end of this year.

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