TclPro 1.0 from Scriptics Corporation (development tool suite)
Platforms: Windows 95, Windows NT, Solaris and HP-UX
Price: $1,000 for a single user license
TclPro helps to quickly debug new Tcl applications, simplifies the task of distributing Tcl applications and makes it possible for Tcl developers to protect their Tcl source code. The new software development suite is comprised of four tools:

TclPro also contains the new 8.0.3 release of the Tcl core, as well as the popular Tcl extensions 1/8incr Tcl 3/8, 1/8incr Tk 3/8, and 1/8incr Widgets 3/8, which provide object- oriented functionality for Tcl.

The open source version of Tcl 8.0.3 will be available with no license fee on the Scriptics Web site. The Scriptics Tcl Resource Center will provide links to the open source versions of the bundled extensions.

Scriptics also announced its technical support program, which covers not only the TclPro tools suite but also the open source Tcl core and all Tcl extensions bundled with TclPro.

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