e-Vantage from Attachmate Corporation (server-based, host access management solution)
Platforms: OS/290, AS/400, most Unix servers, Windows NT
Price: host access server: $4,995
URL: http://www.attachmate.com
Server-based, host access management solution that lays the necessary foundation for evolving corporate systems to e-business. Attachmate e-Vantage consists of a comprehensive set of products, global consulting services, and strategic partnerships that help organizations extend existing host-based business applications to new groups of users using Web technology.

Attachmate e-Vantage allows IT managers to dramatically reduce network complexity while providing secure user access to any type of host application or data. It helps organizations capitalize on e-business opportunities today with an object-oriented architecture, industry-standard interfaces, customized access to a variety of host systems including IBM S/390, and centralized software management and distribution.

Attachmate e-Vantage offers several key advantages to server-based host access:

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