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  • High Performance Computing, 2nd Edition (Compare modern computer systems)
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  • COMPstation U10-333 (PCI, UltraSPARC-IIi workstation)
  • COMPstation U10-333RM (rack-mountable, SPARC/PCI system)
  • microforce/IR-Uaxi (industrial computers for embedded applications)
  • PCI/C6400 (high performance DSP board)
  • RS4 UltraSPARC Rackmount Server (up to 4 processor, compact server)
  • Smart GBICs (gigabit optical transceivers)
  • UltraBook (now supports upto 15Gb)
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  • Entao Sessions (Complete Java Environment for Browsers)
  • J Street Mailer Release Two (a full-function email client written entirely in Java)
  • jtest! 2.0 (automatic white-box testing tool for java)
  • Mandate Delivery (tool for packaging and delivering Java applications)
  • Mission PDM (product data management solution)
  • 3D-MasterSuite 3.5 (3D/VRML tool set for Internet and Intranet enterprise applications)
  • TeamCenter (collaborative team management system)
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  • distributed and open systems recovery service (enhanced, multi-platform service)
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  • AFS Connect (PC to AFS Gateway)
  • Alexandria Version 4.00 (storage management software)
  • Alliance Series software, version 1.5 (HDL Design tool for up to million gate FPGA designs)
  • Anti-Virus Toolkit (Scans for PC viruses on UNIX server)
  • ArrayView II (storage monitoring software)
  • Canopy Server (Internet banking, bill payment & brokerage solution)
  • CATIA-CADAM Solutions Version 4 Release 2.0 (CAD/CAM from 2D to digital mock-up)
  • Check Point VPN-1 (virtual private network software)
  • COSbatch, COSprint (multi-platform, job-scheduling and print management)
  • CryptoGate (Secure Virtual Private Networking)
  • Dataware II Knowledge Management Suite & Publisher (knowledge management software)
  • Diamond CM 5.0.5 (Configuration Management Software)
  • Distributed Storage Manager (DSM) (Imaging file management)
  • DTV SoftCoder (MPEG-2 encoder for TV and movies.)
  • eManager ("Spam" Mail and E-mail Content Filtering)
  • EMUmail (provides access POP E-mail via web browser)
  • Ericsson H.323 Gatekeeper System (Standards-Compliant Internet Telephony Gatekeeper)
  • eSafe Protect Gateway 2.0 (Gateway-Level Content Protection for Firewalls)
  • Free Solaris with Sun Developer Connection program (enhanced developer program)
  • FullTime Cluster 4.0, Data 4.0, Awareness Modules and SDK (high availability s/w)
  • getAccess 3.0 (all-in-one Web security software)
  • GTE Enterprise Access version 1.2 (standards-based, scalable, multi-platform security system)
  • Innosoft Directory (directory server, directory integration, firewall filtering using LDAPv3)
  • InterTrust Commerce 1.0 (a digital commerce system)
  • Memory Modeler (simulation model to support Dual Data Rate)
  • NC Verilog (HDL-based logic simulation software)
  • Netscape BuyerXpert 1.0 (procurement software)
  • NetWorker BusinesSuite Module for Lotus (on-line, non-disruptive backup for Notes and Domino)
  • Novazen Consolidated Billing and Novazen Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (Internet-based billing and customer care solution)
  • Object/LM 1.1 (Usage control in the CORBA environment)
  • OmniVox for Unix, version 6.2 (object-oriented computer telephony and call processing)
  • Oracle Financial Analyzer 6.2 and Oracle Sales Analyzer 6.2 (decision support products)
  • Replication Server 11.5 (data replication solution)
  • Rialto Global User Administration (centralized, directory-enabled user administration)
  • RPK Encryptonite Software Toolkit Version 3.0 (public key encryption toolkit)
  • Steel-Belted Radius for Solaris v2.1 (RADIUS Server)
  • StreamWorks Server (permits true unidirectional Internet broadcasting)
  • Sysload AES (performance monitoring; analysis of historical performance)
  • TM1 Server 7.0 (OLE, DB, real-time OLAP engine for financial decision support)
  • ToolStation (integrated cell control framework)
  • TRUErelease 1.5 (Deployment software)
  • Warp Release 5.0 (programmable logic design tools)

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