CryptoGate from Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. (Secure Virtual Private Networking)
Platforms: Solaris, Windows 95/NT
Price: starts at $995 for 10-seat license
Employs industry standards to provide secure mobile access to corporate data resources across private intranets and the public Internet.

Developed to move confidential data securely across the public Internet, Toshiba's CryptoGate provides a secure dynamic VPN combining Mobile-IP and IP-Security functionality. Toshiba's advanced software utilizes dynamic VPN technology to give mobile users transparent and secure network access at any time, from anywhere. CryptoGate's dynamic VPN also prevents eavesdropping and substitution of IP packets with strong 168-bit encryption.

CryptoGate also facilitates branch access by connecting remote offices to their headquarters at low telecommunications costs. The CryptoGate VPN solution enables the exchange of secure EDI information to benefit government and business organizations moving to embrace e-commerce applications including trading partners, franchisees, lawyers, doctors, and financial service providers that regularly exchange confidential information across the Internet without dedicated leased lines or WANs. Based on Industry Standards

CryptoGate is based on open Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Mobile IP and IP-Security standards. In contrast to existing solutions that depend on how the local ISP assigns the address (dynamic addressing), which often causes problems identifying the network client, Mobile IP addressing allows each mobile terminal to maintain its originally assigned IP address regardless of its location. IP-Security defines the methods for authenticating and encrypting IP packets. Security is guaranteed by using IP-security on the IP-layer, without impacting upper layer applications.

Toshiba's CryptoGate VPN solution is composed of three components: server, client and manager. The CryptoGate VPN server software is installed on a server in the office network and provides security and mobile support. The client software is installed on a portable computer or desktop and runs behind the scenes, one layer above the operating system. The CryptoGate manager provides centralized management to authenticate both the server and client insuring secure delivery of information.

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