Object/LM 1.1 from Black & White Software, Inc. (Usage control in the CORBA environment)
Platforms: Unix and Windows platforms, Java and C++ languages, and VisiBroker and Orbix ORBs.
Price: contact vendor for pricing
URL: http://www.blackwhite.com
Object/LM controls object usage and access based upon customer-defined usage policies. Object/LM also provides metering capabilities, allowing owners of software assets to monitor usage activity and bill users accordingly. Release 1.1 supports leading CORBA implementations, including Inprise Corporation's VisiBroker for Java and C++, and IONA Technologies' OrbixWeb and Orbix.

Object/LM fully conforms to the OMG's CORBA licensing and metering specification. It supports Access Control to manage the authorized usage of objects (including enforcement of licensing policies on software components), and Usage Metering to measure the utilization of objects (typically for usage billing purposes such as pay-per-view). The standard CORBA IDL interface is implemented along with additional administration and metering interfaces. Object/LM utilizes the Internet standard IIOP communication protocol, and includes a plug-in security and authentication module to prevent tampering with the usage control mechanism.

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