High Performance Computing, 2nd Edition from O'Reilly & Associates (Compare modern computer systems)
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Over the last decade, the definition of "high performance computing" has changed dramatically. A typical PC has performance exceeding that of a multi-million dollar supercomputer only ten years ago. And yet because of the increasing use of graphics and multimedia-oriented programs, as well as the proliferation of new (and sometimes bloated) software programs, there is still a need to wring the last bit of performance out of the machine to get more work done in less time.

Software developers know that getting the most out of a modern workstation or PC can be tricky. Paying closer attention to memory reference patterns and loop structure can have a huge payoff. "High Performance Computing" discusses how modern workstations get their performance and how to write code that makes optimal use of your hardware.

For those involved with purchasing or evaluating workstations, this book will help make intelligent comparisons. "High Performance Computing" shows how to interpret the commonly quoted industry benchmarks, what vendors do to show their machines in the best possible light, and how to run your own benchmarks. It also explains what the newest set of buzzwords really means, how caching and other memory design features affect performance, and where the newest "post-RISC" architectures are headed.

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