COMPstation U10-333RM from Tatung Science & Technology Inc. (rack-mountable, SPARC/PCI system)
Platforms: Solaris 2.6
Price: starts at $5,170
Rack-mountable systems designed to suit the needs of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), OEMs and industrial and communications applications.

The Ultra 10-compatible COMPstation U10-333RM features a 333 MHz UltraSPARC-IIi CPU and is available in a 19-inch rack-mountable chassis design that fits into existing ISP server banks and adapts easily to OEM configurations. With a footprint that is 7" high x 17.25" wide x 18" deep, the system's space-saving design allows for easy vertical stacking. Front panel access to CD-ROM and floppy drives enables administrators to simplify upgrades and routine maintenance tasks.

The system features five drive bays suitable for two, standard 3-1/2" hard drives (one inch thick); a 5-1/4" CD-ROM drive; a 4- or 8mm tape drive; and an additional 5-1/4" slot for another peripheral or a 3-1/2" floppy drive.

An add-on disk array storage subsystem available from Tatung as an option boosts hard disk capacity to 72 GB or more, and makes the COMPstation U10-333RM servers robust enough to support departmental or small enterprise Internet or Intranet applications.

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