FullTime Cluster 4.0, Data 4.0, Awareness Modules and SDK from FullTime Software Inc. (high availability s/w)
Platforms: Solaris, HP-UX, Windows NT
Price: starting at $5,000 for entry-level, 2-node cluster configuration
URL: http://www.fulltimesoftware.com
Proactively manage service level availability. Ensure applications, data and resources remain available to users during both planned and unplanned events, enabling IT to optimize system operations and continuously tune applications without compromising service levels.

FullTime Enterprise 4.0 offers IT professionals a powerful, customizable solution for optimizing the service levels of enterprise-wide applications across a variety of IS environments. FullTime Department 4.0 is the first software solution designed specifically with the needs of departmental business users in mind.

FullTime Software's solutions are built on the FullTime Adaptive Computing Environment, a software architecture that layers transparently across a company's existing infrastructure (data, applications, platforms and standard TCP/IP networks).

Its event and rules engine can sense computing events -- in applications, data, systems and networks -- and trigger the appropriate response to ensure optimum availability. Business rules concerning priority applications, service levels, etc. can be integrated within the FullTime Adaptive Computing Environment to ensure that resources respond to events based on specific business needs.

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