Memory Modeler from Denali Software (simulation model to support Dual Data Rate)
Platforms: Solaris, SunOS, Windows 95/NT, HP-UX
Price: starts at $5,000 including models
Denali Software provides high-performace simulation models for all popular memory classes. Its Memory Modeler is used for model creation and design of new memory components. It enables access to accurate DRAM and other memory models that work efficiently and effectively in system verification environments.

With Memory Modeler, designers create models for new memory components or reuse existing virtual components. Its class-based software architecture offers a structure for tailoring models to key specifications of the memory. Class-based, object-oriented models include DRAM, SRAM, SDRAM, SGRAM, DDR, SSRAM, FLASH, PROM, SEPROM and FIFO. Denali Software's verification tools enable data-driven verification of complex systems.

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