Alexandria Version 4.00 from Spectra Logic Corp. (storage management software)
Platforms: Solaris, Sun OS, Auspex, Bull AIX, DEC Digital UNIX, DG-UX, HP-UX, IBM AIX, ICL, Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 95, Motorola, Network Appliance, NCR MP/RAS, Pyaramid DCOSX, Sequent Dynix, Siemens Nixdorf Reliant UNIX, Silicon Graphics IRIX
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Alexandria Version 4.00 enables enterprises to extend the management of their storage systems and integrate additional platforms into its datacenter-ready backup/recovery solution.

Features included in this release are: extended Oracle and Informix support across networked environments; Year 2000 compliance; improved tape duplication storage management; ShareTape interchange capability with mainframe storage devices; expanded platform and robotic library support; powerful GUI enhancements and delivery of AlexClient/NT for Windows 95 and NT environments.

Also included is a more powerful Java-based GUI, allowing local or remote management of "hot" (online) or "cold" (offline) Alexandria database backups for Oracle Enterprise Backup Utility (EBU) and Informix OnBAR, as well as Windows NT and Windows 95 systems.

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