Free Solaris with Sun Developer Connection program from Sun Microsystems, Inc. (enhanced developer program)
Platforms: SPARC, Intel
Price: $20 media charge
Academics, researchers, and others can acquire a license for the Solaris operating system for only the cost of media shipping, and handling ($20).

Through the expanded Sun Developer Connection program, developers, students, researchers, and others worldwide can request a free license to the latest version of the Solaris OS for PCs or SPARC workstations. If a developer who is licensed under the new program wants to use Solaris-related software for commercial purposes, then they will have to formally buy the OS.

The Free Solaris program is being managed through the Sun Developer Connection program, which teachers, developers, and others can join at the following Web site:

This Web site will help interested downloaders determine whether their existing PC-based hardware is compatible with Solaris:

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