Check Point VPN-1 from Check Point Software Technologies, Inc. (virtual private network software)
Platforms: UNIX, Windows NT
Price: starting at $2,495
Allows organizations of all sizes to conduct secure, reliable and manageable business communications over IP networks.

Comprising five solutions, Check Point's VPN-1 product family can be mixed- and-matched within an enterprise to meet ease of implementation and manageability requirements for all network access points including UNIX and Microsoft Windows NT servers, routers, switches, hardware appliances and other internetworking devices.

The VPN-1 family of solutions includes: VPN-1 Software, VPN-1 SecuRemote (Client-side encryption software to extend the enterprise VPN to desktop, remote, and mobile users), VPN-1 RemoteLink ( plug-and-play hardware solution developed in conjunction with Nokia IP), VPN-1 Certificate Manager (certificate management system enabling scaleable Public Key Infrastructures), VPN-1 Accelerator Card (optional add-on for all VPN-1 software, this plug-and-play hardware PCI card for Solaris and NT speeds VPN performance through acceleration of IPSec encryption at Ethernet and T3 throughput rates)

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