distributed and open systems recovery service from SunGard Recovery Services Inc. (enhanced, multi-platform service)
Platforms: Sun Microsystems, Data General, Hewlett-Packard, AS/400, RS/6000, and Compaq Computer Corporation's Tandem and Digital products.
Price: contact vendor for pricing
URL: http://recovery.sungard.com
Expanded distributed and open systems recovery offerings now include Sun Enterprise 10000 servers as well as other products from Sun, IBM, Data General, HP and Compaq (Tandem & Digital).

The Ultra Enterprise 10000 server was recently installed in SunGard's Philadelphia MegaCenter and two Ultra Enterprise 5000 servers will be upgraded with CPU and memory later this month. Other Sun product line expansions at the Philadelphia MegaCenter include the addition of two Ultra 2 model 2300 servers. With support for more than 40 Sun systems across its recovery facilities nationwide, SunGard is the largest provider of recovery services for Sun users.

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