Rialto Global User Administration from Control Data Systems, Inc. (centralized, directory-enabled user administration)
Platforms: Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX
Price: Contact vendor for price
URL: http://www.cdc.com
Global User Administration software featuring centralized, directory-enabled user administration of multiple system types from a single web-based administration station. Saves organizations time and money by simplifying user administration and reducing opportunities for error.

Rialto GUA uses the Rialto Global Directory/Meta Edition with its LDAP metaconnector technology to access user administration information for multiple environments dynamically, in real-time, while logically joining the information in the Global Directory. The metadirectory provides a field-proven, scalable directory backbone for all of the tools that are being managed by GUA. The combination of GUA and Global Directory provides a "two-dimensional" scaling across multiple application types and, using the distributed directory, allows scaling across geographies literally around the world.

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