Oracle Financial Analyzer 6.2 and Oracle Sales Analyzer 6.2 from Oracle Corp. (decision support products)
Platforms: Solaris, Windows 95/NT, HP-UX, AIX
Price: contact vendor for pricing
The first Web-enabled versions of Oracle's on-line analytical processing (OLAP) and decision support products. These new releases allow any authorized user to access critical information through any standard Web browser, enabling them to make powerful decision-making tools broadly available throughout an organization without incurring the administrative overhead on each user's desktop that makes such broad deployment of OLAP applications so prohibitive.

Oracle Financial Analyzer is a packaged application for financial reporting, analysis, budgeting and planning. Oracle Sales Analyzer is a packaged application that helps business users identify and leverage critical sales and marketing information hidden within corporate data. Both applications combine a central, integrated information source with powerful analytical capabilities, enabling users to access, analyze and distribute information through a variety of means, including the Web. The powerful analytical capabilities of Oracle Financial Analyzer and Oracle Sales Analyzer are based on Express(R) Server, Oracle's market-leading OLAP server.

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