Alliance Series software, version 1.5 from Xilinx Inc. (HDL Design tool for up to million gate FPGA designs)
Platforms: Solaris; HP-UX; Windows 95/NT; Japanese, Korean, and Chinese Windows.
Price: starts at $95 on PC's and $750 on workstations
The new software version provides an HDL design solution tightly integrated into the designer's choice in EDA environments. HDL designers will achieve up to 155 MHz in design performance improvement with the new graphical constraints editor, higher clock speed from premier synthesis partners, Xilinx CORE Generator tool, floorplanner capabilities, and performance enhancements to the implementation tools.

This is the first programmable logic production release software to support the industry's first million-gate FPGA, available from Xilinx later this year.

A key element in the 1.5 release is the delivery of the new Xilinx AKAspeed technology, a suite of new algorithms and algorithmic strategies combined with advanced new feature sets and applications optimized to address the elements of today's higher performance, higher density designs. Both mainstream and power users can leverage the benefits of this new technology.

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