NetWorker BusinesSuite Module for Lotus from Legato Systems, Inc. (on-line, non-disruptive backup for Notes and Domino)
Platforms: NT, Solaris
Price: $6,000
A leading solution for on-line, high-speed data protection on databases and applications such as Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SAP/R3 and Sybase. The NetWorker BusinesSuite Module for Lotus Notes provides Notes customers with a storage management solution that automates the backup process, increases data availability, and provides disaster recovery support.

NetWorker BusinesSuite Module for Lotus Notes performs on-line (hot) full and incremental backups, thus negating the need to disrupt end-users by taking Notes/Domino down to perform backup. Other features include complete "lights out" operation via built in scheduling and tape autochanger support, high-end tape and tape library support, the ability to backup all critical Notes files and create a secondary copy for off-site storage, and the ability to integrate applications backups with filesystem backups for complete enterprise storage management.

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